A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth, as well as help to maintain the alignment of your bite and position of your remaining teeth. Not only that but by bridging the gap in your smile with a natural-looking restoration, you can feel confident showing off your smile again. At Broomfield Dental, we can customize a dental bridge to match the appearance of your original teeth and the shape of your dental arch. To learn more about our dental bridges in Broomfield, Colorado, contact our dental team at 303-953-2520 and request an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Greg Sefcik.

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When you contact our dental team, we can set up your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Greg Sefcik, to help ensure that your dental needs are taken care of. We offer a number of services, including cosmetic, preventive, or general and restorative dentistry. Look through the links below to learn more!

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