Happy Days Are Here Again With Dentures

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Are you missing some of your pearly white teeth? Does it make your smile seem older than you really are? There could be a reason behind that. When you have lost all of your teeth, the muscles in your face can begin to sag. Dentures, however, can help fill out your face and could help your overall appearance.

Dentures are a removable device that can restore your smile if you are missing teeth. The three most widely used kinds of dentures are conventional, immediate and partial.

-Conventional: This is put into your mouth only after all of your teeth are removed and your mouth has healed. The healing process could take several months, during which time you could be without teeth.
-Immediate: An immediate denture is removable denture that you could receive shortly after the remaining teeth have been removed. This can dramatically reduce the time you spend without teeth, but because your mouth is still healing, these they will need to be relined or even remade after a few months.
-Partial: This denture sits on a metal frame and connects to the neighboring teeth. We may put crowns on them to serve as anchors. This denture is an alternative to a dental bridge and is meant to replace a few missing teeth.

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