Basic Information About Dental Crowns

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What is a dental crown?
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a decayed or damaged tooth to restore its shape, strength, size and appearance. When it is cemented in place, a dental crown will cover all of the visible portion of the tooth.

Do I need a dental crown?
Dr. Greg Sefcik may suggest a dental crown in Broomfield, Colorado, to:

– Restore a dental implant
– Strengthen a tooth that is damaged
– Cover a tooth with a large dental filling
– Prevent a weak tooth from breaking
– Cover and strengthen a tooth that is already broken
– Anchor a dental bridge
– Restore a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy

How is a dental crown placed?
To prepare a tooth for a dental crown, our dentist will shape the tooth to allow room for the restoration in your mouth. Impressions of the tooth and the surrounding teeth are then made so that your custom dental crown can be designed and constructed. When your crown is ready, the fit will be examined and any necessary adjustments will be made. Then the dental crown will be permanently cemented in place by our dentist.

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